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Learn the fundamental technologies underlying metaverse platforms and the broader implications of metaverse design to become a metaverse expert.

  • 7+ Hours
  • 3 Courses
  • 100+ Lessons
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Recommended Courses

Step - 1

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals - Free Course

Learn various concepts of blockchain technology with 101 Blockchains’ Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Free Course.

  • 1 Hour
  • 4 Lessons
  • Fundamentals
Aviv Lichtigstein

Senior Instructor, 101 Blockchains

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Step - 2

Metaverse Fundamentals

Learn about the different use cases and applications of the Metaverse and its ecosystem.

  • 3 Hours
  • 40 Lessons
  • Fundamentals
Joe Holbrook

Senior Instructor

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Step - 3

Metaverse Technology - Intermediate Level Course

Learn metaverse technology and the translation of desired metaverse features into technical specifications.

  • 3+ Hours
  • 59 Lessons
  • Intermediate
Dr. Markus Weinberger

Professor at Aalen University

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Best For Beginners


Catch up on the latest trends in decentralized finance (DeFi) and its connection to crypto with comprehensive courses and webinars.

  • 20+ Hours
  • 7 Courses
  • 200+ Lessons
  • Best For Beginners
  • Most Popular
Best For Beginners


Familiarize yourself with the second-most-popular blockchain network, Ethereum, and ensure overall, comprehensive skill development.

  • 20+ Hours
  • 6 Courses
  • 170+ Lessons
  • Best For Beginners
  • Most Popular
Best For Beginners


Learn more about the basics of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and the practical implications of non-fungible tokens with in-depth resources created by experts.

  • 14+ Hours
  • 5 Courses
  • 158+ Lessons
  • Best For Beginners
  • Most Popular

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